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  1. nickie Says:

    I would like to attend a class. When is the next class? What should I bring? What should I expect?


  2. John Says:

    We would like to come tomorrow 1/8/09. Exactly where at Milo is it? What should we bring?
    My son wants to do MMA! Help!!


  3. vanyoak Says:

    617 E. 3rd Ave (here’s a map). We’re in the “Truth” room.

    Bring a mouthpiece, handwraps, and a groin cup, if you have them. Don’t worry if you don’t at this point. We start at 8pm. Hope to see you there!

  4. Brandon Says:

    Wow! I am really looking forward to my first class. It’s awesome that you guys do this.

  5. B Says:

    Will you guys be having class this Tuesday?

  6. M Habibi Says:

    Yes, we will

  7. Donn Says:

    This is a test. Mehran, can you read me? Trying to establish communication with this site. Do you copy? Over.

  8. Donn Says:

    Hey, that’s cool!

  9. Justin Says:

    When is the next training that you have?

  10. breianna Says:

    HI! I was wondering if you have free class every thursday?? I have a disabled (heavy) child I lift daily…. and I am so out of shape!! I think if I toned up and got into shape it would help me to feel better and be able to more efficiently take care of her. Thanks for reading!!!

  11. Nick Goldizen Says:

    Hello, My name Nick Goldizen and am responding to an add I saw on craigslist for a jiu-jitsu instructor position. If you would please contact me with a response to this I can tell you more about my qualifications, if this is the appropriate site. If not I apologize for the error. I can be contacted at Thank you.

  12. Dawn B Says:

    Hello, I seen your ad on craigslist. I was wondering when you have the free classes? I am a mother of 2 kids and they keep me busy, but I am always tired. So I would love to get in shape to be able to keep up with them this summer. Any information would be great. Thank you

    1. mitchpotterf Says:

      Our Classes are at the following times
      Tuesdays – Martial Arts 8&9 PM
      Wednesday – Fit Club 8 PM
      Sparring 9 PM
      Thursdays – Martial Arts 8&9 PM

      All are free and open to anyone. All classes are a good work out. The Wednesday Sparring session are for people with martial arts experience.
      Hope to see you at a class

  13. dalton Says:

    my name is dalton i am 11 my dad gave me a card with a number and a web site so here i am and i really like this kind of stuff. is ther anything i need 2 know? how old i have to be ,what i need ,ect.

  14. Scott Says:

    Hi im a 13 almost 14 year old and obsessed with mma/ufc and ive been trying to get a garge sparring area set up and its way to expensive and the i found you guys and i wanted to know if there is anything i need to come to class

    Hope to SHOW!!! (:
    Scott the WOLF Pack robinnete
    lol not really just trying to get to catch on

    1. mitchpotterf Says:

      You will need to bring a parent the first time to sign you up (waiver) You do not need to bring anything but yourself. If you have a groin cup, mouthpeice & handwraps that would be best. You should also think about bringing a friend to practice with.

      Hope to see you tonight.

  15. John Says:

    Websight here is link to YouTube Sparing Videos. I will leave it to one of you to actually ad it to the sight here!!

  16. Marc Davidson Says:

    Where are the classes being held now? I would like to attend but I don’t know where you guys are located any longer.

  17. Mehran Says:


    You can find our new location @

    15 e. Cherry Street

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