I’m looking for Do Jung Ishu pictures for a project I’m working on. Action shots (as opposed to posed shots), especially recent ones, would be great, so if anyone has some let me know. I appreciate it.


I know I at least have been interested in throwing and getting thrown for awhile, but that requires mats. Mehran has generously offered to front half the money for them, which means that the rest of us need to pitch in the other half – this tentatively comes to $400. It may seem like a lot, but it’s a very feasible goal if everyone can help out.

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Please take the following survey.

I’ll probably need to leave before 9 PM tonight, but it’ll be an intense class.

Also, I’m thinking about having a class devoted to street fighting: including tactics, strategy, make-shift weapons, psychological components, and exit routes. A seminar of sorts, if you will.

Who’s interested?


1. John Gladys is no longer registered as a professional.

2. All of you who are less then 35 can register to fight in amatuer fights.

3.look here ( for upcoming fights.

I had cards printed for us, and put them on the wall opposite(from the mirror). Please grab a handful, and pass them out to your friends. You may want to mention that we’re in the ‘Truth” room(#103).  I’ll put that on the next batch.

I’ve put together a business card that I’d like for all of us to have, and to pass along to people that we think might be interested. It can be found below .



I spoke with Rick, and we’re going to expand the access hours for the club. Currently, I think that Ricardo, John, Brian, and I all have keys. I’ll post more on this later, but this is really great news 🙂

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