You throw stones at the bear. He moves on. What? You thought it was over? Oh no!

News Flash!

Take time to look at Personal Fitness Navigators  2803 Delmar Drive, Bexley, Ohio 43209 or  This is where you will find Ricardo Wilson training both fitness and Do Jung Ishu. Fitness for the pure purpose of This is who you should be. Do Jung Ishu because this is a pathway to understanding THE ART OF FIGHTING.

Fitness classes 5 days a week.  I start at 6 am with personal one on one classes and as the day goes by I am working in some group classes. Come in, set goals, conquer giants. Every valley is just the battle field for your next conquest. The mountain top is your next stop.

Currently Master instructor John Roszkowski is instructing a new DO JUNG ISHU(ART OF FIGHTING) class on Sundays from 2-3 PM.

Come and begin or renew your journey. Become more than you ever thought possible. Martial arts finishing school.

More news, James Cole the man not the young talented kid he use to be but a stronger, faster and certified  CrossFit trainer is there ready to whip you into shape.  His fitness routines will kick you (you know what). I promise you, his workout are not for the weak at heart. We were all 21 at one time. .You want you kids to excel, send them to James.

 He is also teaching grappling classes on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 6-7 pm. Come on this is what you have been waiting for. Today is the day you change your life.

Personal Fitness Navigators


6142077170 or 6145713246