July 2009

John Gladys & Don Costello will be fighting in a cage match tonight in Plain City. Please go and support them.
7:00 PM Suplex Gym
7510 Montgomery Dr
Plain City, Ohio
WORK 7.31.09
Clean the Floor
Clean & Press – 5 sets of 5

If you do not know how to do C&P substitute
5 Rounds
Deadlift – 5 reps
Pushups – 20 reps
Complete each round AFAP with 2 minutes rest between rounds.


If you didn’t make it to FIT CLUB last night you missed a great workout. Consistent FIT CLUBers James, Elijah & Ricardo were machines. They displayed their fighting spirit by sticking with the work out even when they didn’t have much left (physically). Thats what FIT CLUB is about.
WORK 7.30.09
Run 36 minutes AFAP

6-7 Goodale Park- Canceled due to weather
8-9 Columbus Dance Studio
9-10 Open Sparring
5 Rounds
Farmers Walk- 60 seconds
Push up – 60 seconds
Squats – 60 Seconds
Pull Ups – 60 Seconds
Rest 2 minutes repeat

3 Rounds AFAP
Run – 1/2 Mile
Sit Ups – 50

Go to Fundamentals of Fighting 8:00 PM and Yoga 9:00 PM
or go to http://www.ohiofitclub.com for todays work out.

HIT the Trail
Walk 5 minutes, Jog 3 minutes, Run 2 minutes. complete this cycle 6 times. The walk should be at a decent pace, jog about double the walk and the run should be as fast as possible.

Just Testing – 1 round best effort
Deadlift – 125% of Bodyweight for max reps
Push Ups – Max reps
Farmers Walk – 200 yards
Squat Jumps – Max reps

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