January 2009


I’m moving to a new place next weekend. Does anyone have time to help me? I’m thinking Saturday am. Ping here if you can help out.



here’s the information on the throw-down.
Ok. We’re going to go on Sunday, 2/1, leaving @ around 8 am. If we have four or more people, I’ll rent get car for us.

The health club lets me in at 3pm and we can go till 5pm for sure. We might be able to go as late as 6pm if no one needs the room after 5.

The health club is on the first floor of the Shaw Jewish Community Center. The address is:

750 White Pond Dr
Akron, Oh

I’m looking for Do Jung Ishu pictures for a project I’m working on. Action shots (as opposed to posed shots), especially recent ones, would be great, so if anyone has some let me know. I appreciate it.

Josh, a friend of mine who owns buckeyeMMA was kind enough to stop in last night and guest teach for us. Josh has a large stable of fighters, pro and amateur, and he knows orders of magnitude more about grappling then I do, so it was a pleasure to have him.

We spread out the mats, and worked until almost 10 pm on hold-downs, locks, chokes, and escapes. It was a great experience, and we’re all grateful to him for making time for us.

Guys, I want to do a lot more of this sort of thing. Also, if anyone is interested in cross training, I suggest you check out his program @ http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=1227093 . It’s very affordable, nicely structured, and worth your attention.

Guys, I ran across this article while surfing the ‘net. If I’m not mistaken, it’s by Brett King, who was probably one of the *the* most talented martial artists I’ve ever worked with.

Well, let me amend that.

When Brett came in, he was was fast, and talented, and had a lot of grace. When he left, he was one of the baddest & scariest mofos I’d ever stood in front of.

It seems that Brett has his own school now, which is great: he’s patient, talented, and dedicated guy, and he’ll raise a fine group of fighters.

However, the reason I’m drawing your attention to this site is because it’s an acknowledgement of Ricardo’s contributions to martial arts and people in general. Ricardo doesn’t really care about belt, titles, or or any thing close to that.

But he really loves teaching people, and helping them mine their own talent. It’s nice(for me) to see that I’m not the only person who feels that way.

Had a really good class last night. I feel like you guys are really putting in the effort, and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate that. I also really liked the mats, I liked how we’re incorporating some groundwork concepts into our work.

Gladys, John, Dom, Patrick, Jim, and Joshua worked their asses off, and it showed in the sparing. I’m very, very happy with the progress: nice job, guys.