October 2008

I see that Pat posted a comment about training today.  I did not see any replies.  He has the desire I think you all had and seem to be regaining.  You have some fights coming up and you all need to focus on the tasks at hand.  Mehron has worked hard to get you in the right state of mind but you must do the work.


If anyone needs equipment you are welcome to clean up any of the equipment we have and use it for the matches.

I know some of the new members will be looking for a chance to train with those of you who have been training for years.  Please step up and help them to which end you will help yourself.

This week I will be back on a regular training program again.   I will be going to the gym and Milo on alternating days as my work hours allow.  I have a new desire to see just how much in the way of fitness this old body can regain.  I do not intend to get as big as I was when I was in my 40s but I want to gain some strength and loose some weight.  I would also like to be more active in your training. Not in a competitive manner but instruction and refinement of your techniques.


Everybody still up for 3PM?

We had a great workout today. Don, John Gladys, Van, Patrick, and myself showed up. We did some drills and sparred a few rounds, culminating in Don knocking the wind out of me and ending the round with a beautiful punch. It looks like working out on Sundays at 3 will be a regular thing.

Anybody up for it?


I’ve been working with the folks @ Cooper’s Gym to set up some fights. Basically, we’ll drive down, fight, eat, and drive up. We’ll also do an overnight, probably the night after the fight. I’ll pay for the hotel and rental car. You’re responsible for your own health care and insurance. This will be a rough fight, but it won’t be a killer(so, we’ll use pads, no knees or elbows to the head, etc).

For those of you who are interested, here’s what I recommand.
1. Run. Run about 2 miles per day, and at least a 1/2 miles backwards.
2. Hit your core muscles. Abs, back, shoulders, etc.
3. Do sprints. 1 minute, full out. 1 minute rest. Again. Do about 5-10 sprints in all.
4. practice your kicks everyday. 50 roundhouse kicks. 40 thrust kicks. 50 spinning kicks. Each leg.
5. Spar.
6. Spar.
7. Spar.
8. Wear your full gear during training. The whole shebang: shin pads, gloves, headgear, cup, mouth piece. That stuff is hard to get used to, and you don’t want to feel out of sort when you fight.

Ping here if you want to fight.