August 2008

I’ll be leading class. I know some of you are in the habit before of lifting or running before class. I wouldn’t advise it for next week’s classes.


We had a pretty good work-out tonight. Greg, Chris, and myself put each other through the paces.

I’ve got 4 extra sets of keys to the gym. Give me a heads-up if you want a copy.


Web Site for the Do-Jung-Ishu martial arts club at the Ohio State University. Modern scientific and realistic training in (but not limited to)


Although the club is not meeting at Ohio State or Hilliard High School any longer we are still influencing martial artist.  Take a moment and look at the site above.

Tonight another young man Christopher came and worked out with us.  I think he will be there for a while and I feel he has a desire to defeat the demons that have pledged him in the past. The friend of John R. will also be attending one day per week and the two ladies will come when they can find sitters for the children.  Another issue we can address later. 

I work with a young man named Lucus who is training for MMA competition and I gave him a card with the blog sight on it.  I think if he is not working on Tuesdays and Thursdays he would welcome the opportunity to train with all of you.  I think John R. may have trained with the group he is working with. 


Ric, my son has requested tee shirts for the students he has in Florida and wants me to move there and assist him.  I think that is a nice gesture on his part but I am on the other end of my martial arts journey.  I am looking to find peace in the middle of emotional and physical kayos.  It is what I have longed for and did not understand until I resigned form the constant desire for better more effective fighting techniques.


Talk about full circle.  I have started over again and found that understanding is only accomplished upon the closing of a door and the opening of that same door with a new and fresh view of all that awaits you.  Starting again as if it were new and finding new passion and new understanding with each step you retrace.  The path is familiar but everything is different because everything about you has changed..

If we make the slightest effort we can fill and need that still exist in the Martial Arts community.  There are still people looking to find a place where they can train and find their own direction.  I feel that we know enough martial artist that we can put together a great training group.  I would like to work with people who want to learn a mix of styles and I would love to see them take what they learn and make it grow into something new and not yet defined.