May 2008

I’ll probably need to leave before 9 PM tonight, but it’ll be an intense class.

Also, I’m thinking about having a class devoted to street fighting: including tactics, strategy, make-shift weapons, psychological components, and exit routes. A seminar of sorts, if you will.

Who’s interested?



Good class on Tuesday. Van, Ricardo, and I worked ourselves to death. Some good combinations, lots of emphasis on elbows & knees. Van’s going to have some interesting surprises for you guys the next time you tangle with him 🙂

Had a really good session training @ Great class, high energy, really good people. The instructor\owner, Ray, was generous with time and demanding in the workouts. The students, especially a good guy named Axel, were also welcoming.

The club has a few professional fighters, as well as a good number of talented amateurs. Like most really good clubs, their women who can really fight, which is always the hallmark of a great club to me( that’s not to say that clubs without women aren’t good: but if you find a club where the women are encouraged and pushed just as hard as the men, then you’ve found a good club).

The workouts that I went to were about 1 1/2 hours. Started with about three 3 rounds of jumping rope, two rounds of shadowboxing, then 3, three minute hand drill rounds, followed by 3, three minute kicking drills. Some hard exercises finished out the whole thing. I was *drenched* in sweat by the end of it, which was awesome.

I’ve included some pictures. Yes, there’s a cute girl doing sit ups at the beginning of the pictures. No, that’s not intentional. And yes, she’d probably kick your ass

I just wanted to say thank you to those of you who have been pitching in and showing up more. I don’t want to mention names, because I don’t want anyone to feel left out: I know we all do what we can. But I did want to express my appeciation.

Had a really great workout last thursday. Ricardo again led class, and somehow found new skills in me to pull out. I’m always amazing that he’s able to mentor me to be better then I thought I could be. Greg and John also showed,  and worked their hearts out. All in all, a really great class. Thanks to all who’ve been able to show up.

I’m in Tampa, Florida this week, and hope to train here( I should be back by next week, however. I hope to see everyone on tuesday.



Ricardo had Greg and I doing some pretty interesting drills on the focus mitts.

He must have gotten bored watching us hit the mitts, because after a bit he made us start hitting each other. All in all, it was a great workout and I think I walked away learning something new.