April 2008

It is hard for me to undarstand but the fact remains true.  If people do not have to pay for something they place little value on it.  Guys you have a place to workout and people willing to work with you.  Who will come to Mehron’s torture cell?


Club now meets from 8-9:30, Tuesdays & Thursdays, in order to accommodate scheduling conflicts. Hopefully, this will allow more people to become active.

That’s the Short North Tavern on High Street. Please call me if you have any questions(614.327.3382). Also, please ping here if you can make it.

This is going to be a difficult conversation, but I want to be frank about some concerns.

I’d really like to start seeing about at least 8 people show up for practice on a regular basis, and I’d like to make sure that the club is always open on designated nights. I don’t really mind footing the bill, so long as I feel that people are will to use the facilities. To me, that’s a worthwhile sacrifice. But paying for the space to sit empty, for to be used by one or two people at a time: I’m not comfortable with that.

If we don’t get to that level of activity within a month or two, I’m going to have to withdraw my support.  What does this mean? Frankly, it means that you need to start showing up, recruiting new members, find alternative sources of funding, or seeing the club dissolve.  I firmly believe that every single person who’s active in the club is a leader, and I think you can all find ways to make this successful, if it’s a priority for you.  The question is, is club a priority for you?


I’ve found a place where I can learn how to grapple on Mondays and Tuesdays, which will hopefully facilitate my lasting past the first round in future MMA fights.

This will let me attend Thursday classes. I can guarantee that the doors to club will be open on Thursdays, and if by some chance this is not possible, I will notify everyone on the blog.

Anyone want to take responsibility for making sure that the doors remain open on Tuesdays? Thanks.

ping here if you can make it