January 2008

If anyone is interested in fighting in February, you should call Mike Camp at (330) 703-7034 this week. He’s the guy that sets up the fights, and apparently they set up the fights far in advance of the actual fight date.

Anyone interested in fighting will need an amateur license, which costs $20.00. I believe the commission will be there the day of the fight, which would allow you to purchase a license, but that should be confirmed with Mr. Camp.


I was thinking about heading down to the MMA fight on 1/26, @ the LifeStyle pavilion. Anyone else interested in going?

I was able to reach the promoter this morning. I asked what I would need to do to fight on 1/26. He told me I was too late to register.
Good news is that I can go down there on 1/26 at 4PM to get licensed as an amateur, and will be able to fight in the late February event. I would think that if anyone else is interested in fighting in late February, he would be able to license you as well.


I want to know how many of you really want to learn and grow as martial artist.
Tonight was an exceptional session. I saw a change in the mental attitude of each of us.
Perhaps as much in myself as in each of you. It was a pleasure to work with you at that level.
In my mind it was as if the clock was turned on and the moment of action was now. Each of us reaching outside the box. It was not about why we could not but about how we were going to achieve the task at hand.
John R. is going to fight this week and I would like someone to work with him just prior to the fight. He would be well served to enter the cage with a now minded commitment.
I will be away for the next week so I am counting on you as a group to provide John with support. Not the kind of support that says good luck but the kind that shows belief in him and in what we have all been working so hard to grasp.

Post here in you can make it.

1. John Gladys is no longer registered as a professional.

2. All of you who are less then 35 can register to fight in amatuer fights.

3.look here (http://aco.ohio.gov/home.htm) for upcoming fights.

Apparently the noise from working out disturbs other residents of the building, so out of respect for them we have been asked to not work out until 10AM.

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