November 2007

Ping if you can make it.


I spoke with Rick, and we’re going to expand the access hours for the club. Currently, I think that Ricardo, John, Brian, and I all have keys. I’ll post more on this later, but this is really great news 🙂

ping here if you can make it.

Ringside is selling them for about $100.00.

I won’ t be able to make it but post here if you can. 


I’ll be there.  Respond here if you are going to make it.  I don’t have keys so hopefully someone who does have them will also be going tomorrow.


Writing from Tokyo:

Had a *great* class last tuesday. Me, Ricardo, Pat, Greg, and John had an all out, old fashioned, I-have-brusies-as-big-as-my-fists class. We did bag work, focused (hit-based) drills, attacks against multiple opponents(starting from the ground)… it was just awesome.

I think I’m falling in love with the work again 🙂

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