October 2007

7 pm. Ping here if you’re going to be there.


1. I bought a couple of heavy bags, and put them in the room. Rick said he’d try and get them up by tuesday. If that doesn’t happen, we’ll get them up as soon as we can.

2. There’s a potluck on Sunday(10/21/07) @ milo @ 3 pm. Drop a note here if you can make it: it would be cool to meet our neighbors.

3. Next workout’s this tuesday(7/24/07) pm. I’ll be there. Please post here if you can make it as well.

4. If you’re interesting in blogging there, say so in this thread, and I’ll enable an account for you.

Who’s gonna show? I’m flying in on Friday, but should make the workout for the following thursday.

How’d the last workout go? Who’s showing up for this one?

Last workout was great: Don & John beat the crud out of each other, and Ricardo & I did old man drills. Also, Donations are up to $800! Ping here if you’re gonig to show up, and talk a bit about what you’re interesting in doing. What you enjoyed from the previous classes, what you’d like to try, etc.

Guys, I wanted to post a note and thank you for your contributions. We’ve gathered over $750 in the last two days, and that’s from just three people. That’s really awesome, and will, hopefully, help us get set up that much faster.

One point: the money, nice as it is, isn’t the point. Having our people be able to train together is the point. The money’s just a means to an end.

So please, make an effort to change your patterns and schedules, and show up when you can. If you can’t afford to chip in right now, that’s ok. We get that, we’ve all been there. But make an effort to show up and do the work: that’s what this is all about

Your contribution doesn’t have to be money: as a matter of fact, that’s secondary. Just bring your energy, your commitment, your interpretation of martial arts.

personal note: Yesterday’s workout was like coming home for me: just Ricardo and I working up a sweat, perfecting techniques, and earning some good sore muscles. I can’t remember the last time I felt like that, but I think I was still in college. It’s an amazing feeling, and I know that everyone reading this knows and remembers exactly what I’m talking about.

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