September 2007

I’m working with Rick to set up our space: we talked it over for three hours tonight and worked out details. It looks like we’re going to start up In October.

No heavy bags @ first, but we’ll get a good, clean space, some storage, and a room with mirrors. I’m going to try it for a few months, and see what sort of activity we get. If there’s a lot, then we’ll do space\time.

Classes will be T/R, 7-9 pm. I can’t teach, but maybe some other members can. Ricardo? Rob? Brian?


Maybe I can teach this tuesday. Who’s up for it?


I’m up for some training this week. I could start as early as monday. Anyone up for it? If so, drop me your timeslot and number here (

No word on the site yet. Rick hasn’t gotten back to me. I’ll keep everyone updated when I hear more.

In the meantime, let’s keep our options open. If anyone is aware of a different location, please let me know. It seem like the Columbus Dance company building on Main St is empty?

We went to check out the building, and it actually looked pretty good. I’m negotiating with the landlord now, and it looks like we’re talking about $500 per month. He’s even willing to put in chains for heavy bags. Does all of that sound reasonable? Can everone kick in until we’re pretty close to that? I’d also like to spend some money for equipment, so let’s see how that goes.

Finally, there’s a potluck there this Sunday. Rick Mann @ Milo can tell you more. I’d encourage those of you who can make to show up and introduce yourselves to the new neighbors.

ps-How’s this october first as a move-in period?

pss-Pat’s been kind enough to come up with some liability waivers for us: please make sure you thank him when you get a chance

We’re going to meet here

Milo Arts

617 East Third Ave.,

Columbus, OH 43201

to check out our potential  new space on Tuesday, 7 pm. Please comment here if you can make it. Sam & V: I’d like to see you guys there, if @ all possible.

If anyone has any questions, call me @ (614) 388-8763.


So, I’ve been traveling to Japan a lot lately: a lot alot: like every two weeks for the past 4 months, to be continued at least until the end of the year.

It’s a 20 hourish trip(2 to Newark, 15 to Tokyo, then about 3 hours by train to Aizu), and I’ve been downloading and watching a lot of shows on my iPod. One of those is Human Weapon. It’s about two martial artists who travel the world, take a month to practice a new style for each show, and then fight some badass of that style @ the end of the show. It’s a pretty neat concept, and prolly worth your $1.99 from iTunes.

Anyway, as I was watching it, it kept coming back to me that a lot of what I was hearing didn’t sound foreign to me. The basic concepts of snapping, awareness, quick, abrupt motion, etc all seemed to resonate: so, I could be watching a episode on Penjat Silat, or French kickboxing(savate), and I’d find myself nodding my head and saying “yeah, that’s right”.

And I sorta started to wonder where that came from: I mean, what the hell do I know about Silat?

I realized that I was getting it, because the ideas were similar to what Ricardo has been trying to teach me all this time.

  • Awareness.

  • Quickness.

  • Efficiency.

  • Gliding.

  • Aggression.

  • Explosion.

  • Emotional Involvement.

I’d been hit by those ideas so many times in class that I recognized them, even as they were executed by strangers who don’t speak any language I know, halfway around the world. Except, of course, they do speak my language, and your language too.

They’re sorta our people, because we’ve been lucky enough to train with Ricardo, and he’s been telling us same folklore & stories that these guys tell: demonstrating that story. Making them a part of our nervous systems.

It’s humbling. It’s like discovering family on the other side of the world. It IS discovering family on the other side of the world

Anyway: Human Weapon. It’s a good show.

I went to check out the building, and it looks like a good fit. It’s about 2 miles east of Campus, which is nice: I’d like to make it easy for our college-based members.

Does anyone want to get together with me next week to go check it out? We’d be sharing the space with another group, I think. I’m thinking we do a few months trial to see how we like it?

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